Light can be hope, love, peace, and clarity. At this time, for most of the people of the earth, light was not this way, not since the fires.

First the fires came to eat up the earth, a light so bright and dangerous, it devoured everything in sight. The earth was so hungry after humans ignored the warnings, the signs of earth’s destruction. No one listened except for a little girl who clung to the doorpost of her house. She was only ten years old, her sky blue dress that matched her eyes, waved in the wind, some sparks around it as she felt herself be pulled towards the fire. Her eyes teared in streams across her face, black dust on her cheeks that clung like the grave feeling of heat from the flames.

Ilia, come on and get your brother she felt her mother intention. She looked behind her to see her mother gathering everything she could. The pictures of her family, including her brother and dad. Her brother was the opposite of her, hiding under a grand oak table the family had in the living room. She noticed him and ran towards and held her arms around him. His blond hair running amok on his head, his blue eyes wide in fear.

It’s okay, we will be okay she intentioned to her brother love, and she felt a weak intention back.

These stupid humans are going to kill us all. Her father had arrived, as if he appeared out of thin air. The family accepted this, as it was normal amongst their kind.

They don’t know what they do her mother pleaded her blue green eyes alight.

Savages, all of them. They did not understand climate change, they went about their lives as if they could create a device to rewind time.

He could see the mother was about to intention something else, before she could, he intentioned We don’t have time to argue, we have to go to the safe zone her father intentioned as he picked up his son who clung to him with no words.

Ilia picked up a toy soldier her brother left on the ground.

Ilia, we must go! her mother insisted as her father had already vanished. Ilia held the toy soldier in her hand so hard as she looked at the house one last time. Their house was in the woods in a place called California. She loved her house, looking around for the last time. Seeing where she learned to walk, where her brother and her would play around the table, to the gorgeous woodsy outside through the door, which was now being consumed by the fire. That was where she spent her childhood and talked to the trees, observed all of the animals. There it was aflame, all of it being destroyed.

Real tears of sadness now fell down her face as she watched, feeling as if she had to do something. No, I have to do something, I can’t leave them she intentioned to her mother, seeing and feeling her mother’s heart break. She ran into the forest and into the flames, feeling and hearing her mother calling out Ilia in a soul crushing cry. Ilia felt the flames her eyes burning from the heat. She welcomed it.

Ilia her mother yelled again as she saw her daughter disappear into the fire, her cries bellows now. Ilia’s father returned and held Ilia’s mother. He also had tears in his eyes and screamed as he vanished.

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