Vegan Book, Goes on Tour; Its Mission? To Bring Compassion Into Everyday Homes.

San Diego, CA, January 16, 2019 –(PR.com)– Ana Levley is a San Diego author who wrote a series to “change the world.” “Beasts: Beginning of the End, Vol I” is a sci-fantasy dystopian novel that sparked controversy and Ana’s career. She hopes to inspire compassion with each person who reads her novel. She decided to go on a book tour when she started to see the demand of people who connected with her first novel in the series.

“I never thought I would be touring with my book, I thought I would put it up on Amazon and maybe some people would buy it, but the response has been amazing,” says Ana Levley. “I wrote this novel because I was so tired of how many lies about climate change, veganism, and the cognitive dissonance between both in the world, and I wanted it to change. I have always been a storyteller, therefore I wrote a story that I hope breaks that cognitive dissonance, and brings these issues to the forefront of people’s mind.”

Dystopian novels have impacted society immensely over the past few years with progressive themes, from “Hunger Games” where children are forced to kill other children showing what a classist society can become, to “Divergent,” where it highlights how crucial it is that people are not classified into specific labels. Ana wrote in this category hoping to reach a wider audience that was not just for vegans or progressives, but everyday people who have compassion and might not have been introduced to these ideas in a way that they could connect with them.

Her book tour will start on Jan 25th – the starting event will be at the Local Authors Showcase at the San Diego Public Library, and then will follow as:
January 26, 12pm Book Signing in Phoenix, AZ at Bookmans
January 29, Albuquerque, NM TBA
February 1, Austin, TX TBA
February 3, New Orleans, LA TBA
February 6, Tampa, FL TBA

Visit AnaLevley.com or her social media channels for future dates (@analevley on instagram and Twitter). Facebook.com/analevley for Facebook.

The Beasts series starts out by addressing the public directly, sending a message back from 1,000 years in the future. Atlia, the main character, describes the hardships of the future, and it is ominous on how the future wrongs are connected to the past. Throughout the novel there are twists and turns that keeps the reader on their toes. It starts out with Atlia trying to explain what has happened in the future, and why the past should care. It soon gets gruesome at the farm where Atlia is sentenced for her father’s murder by telecide (a futuristic biotechnology). Atlia finds herself as many do who originally eat meat in today’s society, where she did not think about what she was eating, or who she was eating. She learns how the world is split between lesser and human beings, and what it means to be a lesser at the farm. Ana writes parallels to what today’s factory farming industry practices, as well as having a futuristic spin on it. As Ana is not a fan of violence, after you feel she has covered most factory farming scenarios, she moves on in the story to how Atlia will save the lessers and humans, as she tries to right the wrongs of the past. Atlia also is reconnected with the love of her life and together, they plan to bring down the World Collective that has created the division between lessers and humans. The reader is left to guess how the story is connected to this point in time, but Ana says that the series will explore that further in future books, as it all comes together like a puzzle. The book ends with a cliffhanger, and most reviewers write that they are anxious for the second book in the series to come out.

Ana Levley has a female-female relationship in the book that actually sparked controversy with her original publisher, and is why she self published on Amazon. Many of the readers, though they may have not been progressive before reading it, find themselves connected to this relationship and have said it is a beautiful relationship that has opened their minds.

Lookout also for the Beasts podcast launching soon. It is narrated by the talented Laurel Percival, music by Sable Cantus and will be available on itunes soon. You can follow the progress of the podcast on @beastspodcast on Twitter. Here is the teaser:

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