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Utopia is Here

As of today, we know that the future, if it kept going the way it did, it would be a bleak one. In this future, a future without animals, and plants, there is hope. There is a society that has reached utopia and total acceptance of others despite the Greatest War of all times. That society is the World Collective. We connect to each other in a deeper way than any humans had before. Our telegraphics, a biotechnical device handed down to us from our ancestors, has connected us to beyond just being a single person. We are one. Here, in the city of Kalea, we are proud to say that we have reached oneness. In other nations in the International Unity, they cannot say that. To the Southern Founders, I say, I feel for you. Your want for violence, and destruction. We will secure all of the World Collective from you, and protect ourselves, but not with bloodshed. With our advanced intentioneers and creationists, we are able to stop you before you even think about entering the dome. We have no secrets here, amongst each other, and the lies you try to spread in our community will not break us. Together, we are all.

Intentioned by the Grand Avo on Tartia, 3 years before Beasts, Vol 1.

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