Short Stories

The Fall of Aphrodite

She stepped onto the platform, her perfect feet like tan pearls. They were dirtied, though, her bright pink glow formed around them, so light, the humans would not know.

“Before you I have Aphrodite!” The loudness of the voice boomed throughout the street. There were barely any people there, it was raining as the god of rain cried. She did not want to see what happened to Aphrodite. She did not want it to end like this. Her tears dropped in big swells, like a mother who cries over a lost child.

She stood there in her nakedness, her hips curving around her in the rain, the rain seemed to be crying for her neglected body as well, her nipples hard, breasts shivered in the cold wind.

There stood four humans looking at her. One had as many tears in her eyes as the rain. 

Aphrodite looked at them, her purple eyes burning in agony, the pain she felt – what she had lost.

She remembered herself with the tearing human. Her dark curly hair she remembered between her fingers. She lost herself in ebony curves that matched her own. She thought this human could have been her. All humans were supposed to be her.

She remembered when she lost this human, not too long after. 

“So what is your payment?” the woman with the ebony curves had asked her, laying after the thralls of passion in the bed of comfort, the covers half on her.

Aphrodite did not understand. She smoothed the sweat from her perfect hair back into place. “What payment? You want more?” She asked smoothly and went forward to grasp her hand. 

The woman removed her hand from her touch and arched her eyebrows. “My name is Destiny and you met me at a bar. What did you not understand of this?” She stood up and laughed the sheets that clung her body falling as she went to get her shiny black dress to put it back on.

Aphrodite felt something, as if she was sick. 

“What is this then?” she asked cautiously. “Why can’t this be free as intendend?”

Destiny laughed. “You think any love is free? It all comes at a price. I lost my want for love a long time ago, I don’t believe it exists.”

It was the first crack that blew her heart. The first blow that shook her. Her purple eyes showing through the brown as she clutched her chest. Destiny ran towards her and then saw her glowing eyes look up at her.

“I lost this one,” Aphrodite said. She then disappeared back to her human quarters. She had not felt that loss of love. A dark blue figure appeared, laughing.

“You thought humans were like you, they forget the ways of love. You thought this whole time that love was stronger than war and conflict.” The deep voice of Athena seeped out as she looked at Aphrodite with mischief in her eyes. 

“I still believe in them,” Aphrodite said strongly, though she did not know for sure, Athena had spent more time with the humans recently. She thought that the past influences she had, the renaissance period, the Grecian period, she thought she had taught them. She thought they were taken care of by her love. That just a drop of it would heal them.

She did not know that since Paris, that Athena had planned revenge. That over time she poisoned them with war inspired by their new conflicted religions, that time would change their natural inclination towards love. 

“I have three more to go to prove you wrong,” Aphrodite said without much care, going over to her grapes that had popped into the room. Her room was that of her room in mount Olympus, it had paintings of love on the walls, depictions of her life around them, too. No humans would notice the difference, they often did not notice when gods entered the world anymore. They were too selfish to care.

Aphrodite came to remind them that there was something greater than themselves – love for other humans. 

Athena rolled her dark blue eyes, her light blue sash falling off her shoulder, she pushed it up again. “Don’t even try, you won’t get anything from me. You know I have finally won sister. My wisdom of humans beats your love,” she said, also eating the grapes, and draping herself on a chair. “I really wish you luck, these humans seem absolutely devoid of love.” She then disappeared into the dark, her blue eyes disappearing last.

Aphrodite rolled her eyes at her sister and laid on her bed. How could they have changed so much? She did not even know these divisions, these new humans made for themselves. Racism, sexism, even sexual orientation. She thought she taught them love a long time ago, in person. Here they were, though, forgetting love and going through the same tragic war stories again. Athena had thought of them as not worthy of her sister’s love and put them into a forever loop.

Fighting for love, some humans corrupting other humans, killing love and then fighting for it again. This was her punishment after Paris and Aphrodite did not even know until she looked down a second later and saw this world. A world parishing from lack of love. Greed and wit supported above all else.

Cupid had finally arrived to Mount Olympus, letting Aphrodite know that real love was scarce, that it was so small that he had come down to earth to release his bow every decade. He was the one who called attention to the state of human affairs. 

Then she saw the desolate human landscape, the killing of each other, of animals, and of the planet. How had they forgotten she wondered.

Athena had appeared after Cupid gave Aphrodite the message and offered her a choice to save the humans from Athena’s wrath. If Aphrodite could get one human to love her, then Athena would stop the influence and Aphrodite could drip her love into the humans again. She could inspire them again, she could teach them a world with more light in it.

She could only meet with four humans and the first one she met with… she thought it would be easy. In the past when she was with someone they were automatically in love with her. Now though, even if they were in love they still demanded… money?

She was so confused. How was she supposed to win this bet? She remembered Athena’s chilling agreement in her ear if she lost. If she lost, she would have to fall on the Sword of Sorrows and spend her time with Hades. Athena would forever be able to direct humanity.

She could not let that happen. What was a world without true, unfettered love?

The next person she found on one of those odd new human technologies. She matched with someone and was excited. 

She saw that person now, standing there, their face was ashen. 

She had gone on a date with them. She remembered it was raining like it did that day, she met them by a warm fire. She delighted in meeting a them, being the mother of Hermaphroditus after all, it was wonderful to see an inspiration of them in the human world. 

She had looked into this human’s eyes and she saw something else peering back. She had felt humans by now and even though she felt love from the human who wanted to pay, she only felt lust from this human.

She went to their place and kissed them deeply. She wanted to feel love from them so badly, but all she kept feeling was lust. She looked into their eyes confused, they looked back at her with a stolen gaze.

“I am just looking for fun, okay? It looks like you are looking for something more,” they said.

She felt the human shy away from her. Frustrated her eyes went from their masked human brown to purple and the human backed away from her.

She lost again, this second time to a person just filled with lust. Their want for love gone. 

Another crack appeared in her heart.

“Two more to go.” Athena lay on the bed. “Sister, you have been gone for too long. You see, I left more than enough of you behind for them, but they still chose this path without you.”

“No, Athena, you poisoned them against me,” Aphrodite said in a saddened rage, she melted to the bed. “I won’t give up on them. You will see, I will find one.” 

“Good luck,” she laughed and was gone. 

Now she looked from the first two people to the third person below her, they were looking at Aphrodite’s current state on the platform.

Her eyes stayed on the third person. He had some tears falling down his face, he looked aside, also not meeting her gaze. He was big and muscled, his skin the color of a light pearl, which lit up in the rain.

She had met him at a market, she thought she would try somewhere new. He was there buying fruit and he saw her from across the way. He approached her, looked her up and down. She could feel his lust for her. She decided she did not want to be with him, that he wouldn’t do.

As she left, she walked like the humans do down an alleyway. There she felt his hands around her waste, holding her close to feel his lust. “You want me and I want you,” he said into her ear. She felt his rage, his rejection. 

She turned and looked at him, “No, not like this. I would give to you freely.”

She felt his rage in him as he slammed her against the brick wall. 

“I need it like this, this is how it does it for me,” he said in agony. She could feel his rage on her arms and in his hands as he tried to go between her legs.

This violation sparked the power inside of her, her purple eyes glowing.

“No,” she said in disappointment.

He saw this and gasped, walking backwards away from her.

“You take what you can get freely? How much anger must you have for yourself? How do you not love anyone but yourself? You disgust me the most.” As she said this, she felt the third crack tear in her heart.

She vanished to her human housing. 

“What have you done to them?!” Aphrodite screamed at Athena. 

Athena popped in, hearing her sister’s cries. “I did nothing. I did whatever they wanted to do. Your humans are not as pure as you think.”

Aphrodite felt Athena had grown tired of the humans, she wanted new playthings. Ones that were innately better.

“They are good, you will see,” Aphrodite responded to her sister and tried one last time.

She remembered that night, when she was warm and not in the cold as she was now. As she stood on the platform, she saw them, her one last try. The fourth person had her back turned to her on the platform. Her one last try could not watch. 

She had met her when she sat down next to her on the river. They watched silently for a moment as the water lazily moved past.

“It’s sad the world is dying,” the woman had said to her, her dark brown eyes lit with light tears. The girl had wavy red hair, a sharp chin, and a petite nose. 

“Oh, you are beautiful,” Aphrodite said, fascinated as she lifted a wave of hair behind her ear. 

The woman looked at her, hope in her eyes. “Really? I do not feel as such, I feel so much of the whole world.” 

Aphrodite held her against her chest, feeling her cries and her rise and fall. She cried with her stroking her hair.

“You are beautiful for feeling. So many humans have lost that,” she said kissing her head.

“I don’t even know you, but I feel so comfortable with you,” the woman with the wavy hair said and sat up next to her. “Sorry, I did not mean to make you feel awkward.”

“Thank you, no you made me feel alive.”

The woman laughed in relief. “I’m Laura. And you are…”


“Of course you are, how stupid of me to think you were being real,” she said in some anger, but Aphrodite touched her hand. 

“That is my name, I cannot change it. I am who I am,” Aphrodite said and she could feel the woman believed her.

Laura paused for a second and looked thoughtful. “Either way, you do seem sincere,” she said warily. 

“Would you like to eat with me?” Aphrodite asked.

They went out for food and talked about the state of the world, the frustrations, the changes they wanted to see. That night they laid together, tangled in each other’s loves, wants, needs.

She felt her heart mending. 

But then came the crack, later. When Aphrodite was not expecting it. She had hoped to see this human again. But the human disappeared, never to be contacted until Athena forced her into the square with the others.

Until Aphrodite was on the platform in front of all of the humans who had wronged her. In the square she had the last crack to her heart. She had lost. 

Athena invited them all, or more like made them all appear there. To see what they condemned her sister to.

Laura could not watch what she did to her, she could not handle that she had done what many had done to her. Given her love and then disappeared. As if she was not worth their breath.

Aphrodite stood there after a night on the streets crying in pain for her lost humans.

Athena’s face was grim.

“Look at her.” Athena demanded in her booming voice. “I do not take this from her kindly, I am saddened by you humans. You were once balanced with both of us, but you chose me. Look at your choices!” She boomed into their hearts and they could not help but see Aphrodite with the Sword of Sorrows.

Aphrodite looked at them, her purple eyes filled with blue tears. “Today I stab myself with the Sword of Sorrows, this is a day when humans lose the goddess of love,” she said, her body unable to hold more tears for humanity. She swiftly took the Sword and thrust it into her chest, breathing hard.

Athena came up to her sister’s side, holding her, crying over her as the humans fell in unison sobbing at the mistakes they could not undo. 

Aphrodite felt her purple blood flow from her body and dark clouds thrusted over her in darkness, taking her body away to Hades.

Athena looked at the humans. “If you ever want her back, if you are ever deserving of her again, you will change, or you will lose everything.”

Athena disappeared leaving the four humans in the rain, they turned into rock statues, reminders of the four different types of love corruption that existed on Earth, to forever plague it until they changed. Until they chose to change to bring Aphrodite back, but that was not for a very long time. 

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