Story of Sadie, Our Sweet Girl

I can’t tell you how bad the chills were the second time I walked into the emergency hospital with Sadie. It was as if I was my own earthquake. But Sadie did something remarkable. Though she was sick, she placed her head against my heart. Her big eyes looking up at me with worry. That is my Sadie girl. No matter how she is feeling, she is always worried about me, as I am with her. 

Sadie is always a happy puppy. She loves to see people and sometimes greets them with a bark, but then many kisses after. She spends her time with Jon and I as equally as she can, moving back and forth on the couch if she can’t lay right in the middle. She knows when either of us have a problem. She does what we call “needle nosing” where she will with her long little fluffy snout go under your hand to snuggle with you. Almost like “I got you human”.

She loves to run with little small fluffy boys, and sometimes girls. She instead of playing hops around, like a bunny, thus getting her nick name bunny. She loves to bounce around them and gets so excited she sings to them when she sees them. 

You would have never been able to tell that Sadie was originally dropped off and was severely neglected when we adopted her. She did not bark for over two months. When we saw her though, she was so full of love, giving kisses to me, Jon, and anyone who would walk by us. Saying take me, I love you. 

Jon talked me into leaving her there the first night. He was not originally a fan of her Rastafarian look and green teeth. But I knew when I looked into her almond eyes that she was my baby girl. I went back the next day and picked her up. I cuddled her to the car and she went to sleep right in the passenger seat. I was so sad that for Sadie and her condition that no matter how dirty she was I snuggled and napped with her on the couch when we got home. She laid right next to my heart as she often does now.

She quickly after a month turned into her next nick name “princess poofy butt” as Jon coined it. Her tail begun to turn upwards and high and she started to make “pillow mountains” where she grabs all the pillows on the couch and stacks them up on top of each other. She also only ate whole food plant based as other foods made her sick or allergic – with extra treats of course which we would have to rotate because she did not want the same ones she always had. She had a proper sense about her at home, where home was meant for treats, food, sleep, and pillow mountains. She had a horrified face any time her friends defiled the house by pooping, vomiting, or playing too rough in her house. She thought if you were going to be sick, go to the bathroom like mom and dad. What is this pooping on my green carpet that you think looks like grass and to me is my playground for light jumping tug of war games? 

Sadie also is an alpha, she likes to make it known with a roo roo once in a while. She loves to boss her kitty cousins around when she lived with them. Especially Olive since Olive is so independent, she would almost taunt Sadie for fun sometimes with a swipe of the paw. At the end of the day though, she loved sleeping near her kitties. She thought they listened to her (they didn’t, they mostly ignored her) and she thought she was the queen of the house. She loves her Aunt Maggie and Uncle Josh who are always there for her for snuggles, and play, and to feed her treats.

She also loves walks even though some people joke that her feet never touch the ground because we often hold her (primarily so she doesn’t eat things from the ground that could make her sick). She loves sniffing everything and then sometimes lifts her leg up like a male dog to pee. Sometimes, she rolls around on the grass (a few times duck poop, which even she was grossed out by). 

As a service dog she goes above and beyond. My therapist was always impressed by how much Sadie did already, like deep pressure therapy where she lays her head on my heart. She also wakes me up when I am in a PTSD nightmare and I can’t wake up, or she wakes me out of a dissociative episode with many kisses and nudges. She can tell when I will be sick before anyone else can and will walk on top of me, lay down purposefully giving me comfort and love. 

Sadie is remarkable as a person. She knows when others are in pain and will try to help them. When Jon had pain in his lower back she went on top of it, shook on that spot as if she was trying to loosen it up and then laid down on it, almost as if she was the chiropractor and the heat pad. When her uncle Josh was in the hospital she went right to him, all sad and laid next to him, under the covers. She also sniffed him all over with a worried expression, making sure he was okay. 

She is so giving and caring, kind as well as thoughtful. When she got sick the first time, we were afraid, but Sadie acted normal soon after. We were told she had Lyme’s disease, and started medication that made her not want to build pillow mountains, she always had a sad tired look in her eyes even when she tried to cheer me up seeing I was sad seeing her like this. The second time we went to the hospital, the doctor mentioned possible liver failure and my heart dropped.

We stopped the Lyme’s medication because she had fallen so ill so fast in just one week. We still don’t know if it was the medication or an underlying issue. Every blood test to hope for a diagnosis or rule out diagnosis costs $150-300 each! If her liver values stay high and the bloodwork doesn’t identify a positive diagnosis, the next steps are ultrasound and liver biopsy (the latter to see if it’s a hepatitis). We are spending every last penny making sure our little girl gets the right diagnosis and best treatment possible. And that is why we are asking for donations now. Sadie is extremely special and such a love to this world. We want to make sure she lives a long, healthy, lovable life. Please donate if you can.

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