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The future seems beautiful in the World Collective. This nation exists 1,000 years from now and is the perfect utopia… or so it seems. A deadly truth lies underneath the dome force field that is chilling. Atlia, a member of the World Collective, discovers the truth when she is wrongly accused for her father’s murder. She was one of the prospective leaders until she is framed for the crime of telecide – murdering her father via his telegraphic, an advanced biotechnology. Once she finds out the truth, she has two choices: (1) to tear down the only world she knew or (2) go back and forget what she learned. Will she bring the truth to light or bury it deep within the fake utopia that the World Collective exudes?

“I have smiled, laughed, marveled, fell in lasting love, and faced momentary despair along side her characters as I experience their lives unfold in the words. ”
-C.L. Hogan, writer, advanced editor, and fan

“OMG! Reading Beasts I had a hard time putting it down! When I read the first three paragraphs the hair on the back of my neck was standing up!”
-LivShakti, avid reader

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