Free,  Short Stories


Time was passing slowly as they sat on the bench, looking out at the ocean. The waves crashed, moving back and forth, earth’s favorite dancer. The woman looked out, longingly, distraught. Her black hair getting caught in the whispers of the wind. He could not stop looking at her, worried. She was beautiful in that moment to him, he felt it would have been timeless, had it been a moment he wanted to remember. He knew, though, she would never want this moment to be brought up again. He put is hand on hers, reaching out to not comfort her, but to show his own sadness. A touch that leaves its impression.

She turned from the ocean to look at him. Her eyes like sea glass, vacant yet thoughtful. We could not save them. She intentioned.

He never thought she would get used to the telegraphic, he remembered when they had it installed.

“I don’t want one more new gadget, David,” she said, looking at him sideways smiling in annoyance, and amusement.

“You will love this Lia, you will see. They say it is like no other tech ever created!” he had said at the time with enthusiasm and excitement.

She did get used to it, more than used to it. He sighed and intentioned her the love he had for her. She intentioned she knew, but she felt so far away still, though he was sitting right next to her.

She then looked at him, David, I…

They felt the ground shake at first. It was a low rumble and then a smack. The ocean that was dancing was now raging. The sky lit up, it looked beautiful though it was horrifying. A cloud of gold, orange and red light shot forth from the teal blue ocean, and towards them. It stretched so fast, all he would ever see again was her eyes, looking at him. He was shocked to see, though she was sad, there was a glimmer of satisfaction. And then he felt it, waves of air burst forth and then darkness.

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