Short Stories


Twisted in his darkness he sat within it, brewing. Sharp pain prickled his neck as he heard the door open. Never had he thought he would be here.

The door’s thin speck of light, he sees her bright little red lips blowing out the candles. Her yelps of excitement.

He felt the seeping darkness that had shortened his breath. It was the fear of never seeing her again. 

How did he get here? He had no answers.

Steps slowly moved in sharp shadows towards him. It was easier for him if he just looked at the boots. 

His hands he saw before the boots approached, they still were raw from clinging to her. He did not listen when they tore her away.

He saw her, screaming in pain from her arm, no child should be held that way. Her little rippled fat on her body becoming straight from the strength of the soldier taking her.

He had to let her go, or she would have been torn apart. His heart tore as he heard her scream in terror. Her face contorted in rage and fear. 

All he could say was “Te encontrare, bebe,” as the boots hit him on the floor pounding in his ears since he was being “uncooperative”. He then tried to keep screaming as loud as he could  “Te encontrare, bebe.” They got him in the chest, burning his voice, he could only cough. He said it over and over no matter if she could not hear as he heard the screams distantly haunt him.

The man with the boots said something to him. He only understood a few words. “Will …….cooperate….”

“I try,” he said on the concrete ground, “my bebe…”

A blow to his stomach shuddered through his body. 

“Will….. cooperate.” 

“No hablo ingles..” he spat out blood on the floor, he could barely speak his spit was so thick.

“Fucking…. you better….” the booted soldier came into his face then, he could barely make out his features but his nostrils were flaring in and out, his eyes ice. 

He thought this country, it would be better. He had no other options, this was it. He needed to save his girl, but he made a mistake. This was no country of immigrants who get asylum. This country’s secret evil was seeming as such. That he could work for very little pay, that he would be indentured to its people. That his little girl would be rounded up with him and the others.

He remembered that day that the boots came in. The fear screaming out of people, the mud, the smell of feces and piss, the blood, the bodies pushed close together. 

He came not knowing this country. He came for hope. There in the soldier’s eyes, hope was gone and fear replaced it. 

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