A Vacation in Time

Dina struggled to find her balance on the dark blue starry ball. She was surrounded by dark blue stars that were beautiful, but it definitely is not where Darius said they would be going. She could not help but to glance at him sideways.

Why must you always bring me to the most ridiculous places?! She intentioned to him, with her mind. Her telegraphic felt off today, she wished she could hit it like people used to hit VCRs. Maybe it would work better.

I told you not to follow me. I told you it would be easier for me to access and then to bring you in, Darius intentioned back darkly. She could feel his mage powers start to swarm around him, his wind swirling towards her.

Just, ugh! What do we need to do? She tried to relax, hoping that balancing on this ball in the middle of space and time, that he was right, there was a way out.

We need to get to the middle, he said with a certainty that she trusted.

What middle? She asked desperately and annoyed only seeing the stars and the dark blue around them. Dina let’s go to mageland, it will be fun, a vacation, she said back to him with annoyance and sarcasm.

She could feel his internal laughter as he almost fell off the ball that was half rolling, half staying. They were surrounded by stars. Everything was dark blue, except for the light of the stars that danced across them. At any other time she would have marveled at it.

Girl, don’t get me started on what you have had me do, Darius intentioned until he heard a loud crack. The ball started rolling and they started running.

I really thought this was going to be a vacation, Dina intentioned with annoyance as they ran, breathing heavily with every heave, trying to keep up. I am not a runner.

You think I am? Girl, I barely sit up if I need to! Darius responded in kind and Dina could not help but laugh at him.

So the middle?

Yes the [a loud crack resounded] middle.

She had no idea where the middle was or what it was, but she knew she could not run forever.

Darius I am tired… she complained but annoyed herself in the process.

Almost there darling, he said in a sweet voice until a light had shown. They had arrived at these images, shown in smoke.

She felt intentions, ones in her core.

She is so beautiful. She saw a woman with curly black hair, dark black skin and deep green almond eyes holding a baby. She looked adoringly at the baby in her arms.

A woman next to her had long red hair that was straight, golden skin and light brown eyes that were almost golden, one hand on the baby’s head.

That’s… that is me. Those… are they.

Yes, yes, this is a true place, where you are seeing the moment as it happens.

She had never seen her parents, she knew they existed, but she never had a photo, or memory in her telegraphics. She was taken to be a pet at a very young age, maybe not long after this moment.

She went to touch the smoke. She wanted to tell them she loved them, that she turned out okay, maybe to warn them…

Don’t, you will get stuck in that time and Atlia would never forgive me. Probably have my head as nourishment, Darius said with amusement, but she could also feel his true fear of her beloved.

She laughed at him and said in a low intention, She probably would. She turned to him with tears in her eyes. I thought you said you were taking me to the mageland.

No, I said imageland. This Dina, this is what I knew you always wanted. To see your parents, know who they are. You are lucky you are a traveler Dina, most people never get the…

She hugged him unexpectedly and he exhaled in surprise while balancing on the large dark blue ball of stars.

Thank you, she said and to his bewilderment she even gave him a kiss on the cheek.
Ew, girls are gross, he said in a sarcastic tone, but she could feel he appreciated the love, and she felt his pride. This was the best surprise anyone could ask for from their powerful mage friend for their birthday.

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