A Letter to White Supremacists from a Jewish Woman

Dear White Supremacists,

You thought you would be safe here. The land of the free. Free of what though?

They thought we would be free of hate, but it surrounded them. They thought time would change things, and it did, a little. They thought maybe, just maybe, you would see us as people. The thing that I think confuses them the most is that this blood, tears, horror, are human made.

You are proud, are you not? You talk about glory when in fact all you have is violence. You speak of pride when G-d would never look at you with pride, you have lost it all the moment you had a violent thought. You speak of honor, but there is no honor in murdering innocents, no matter how your brain tries to twist it, to condemn an entire people. Do you even know you are brainwashed? Of course not and why would you listen to a Jew telling you that you are? A Jew who has more compassion for people than you could ever dream of.

Many of us don’t blame you, you are all so young, mostly. You have been taught lies from your parents, community members, teachers, whoever. People who should have been challenged by other family members when they heard them speak words of hate. If being prejudice is taught and is all a lie, which it is, did you ever ask yourself that? What if all the people who you talk about killing are absolutely innocent, what if, what if you, are the villain?

The greed, the prejudice, the pride and the xenophobia.

Where is safe? If America is not safe for either of us, then what is the point? Are you so angry you want to watch the world burn? Do you want to see your family members affected? The people you care about, if you care about any? You say you do, and you misquote the Bible. If only you knew about the love G-d actually preaches. I may not be Christian, but I have many friends who are. And they are appalled that you would even try to associate yourselves with their white skin.

Did you know race is not real? Did you know it was created in the 1800s? Did you know that all people have compassion, even you? Did you know that you could change? That the past does not have to dictate your future? Did you know that you could have an amazing community of love and compassion without the pain and suffering? Maybe you have found a different one, one built on vengeance that is unjust. Vengeance is nothing but anger that drives more violence.

How does one categorize everyone as the same? Are all white people twins? Are they all the same? I would definitely say not. I agree change needs to happen, that everyone needs to be more equal. The problem is if you think you are above everyone, and if others think the same, and then you resort to violence to prove it. I never thought I was above everyone and never wanted to be. I always just wanted peace because there is so much more to this world we can explore together.

If you do have intelligence like you speak of, then why not use the power of your words and conversation? Maybe you have never been supported at having a real conversation. If anyone surrounds themselves by people with violent thought and violent intent, then of course that is what they will think is normal. Knowing this, you should know that it is not normal, and that peace, happiness, love can exist for you too. If you choose to do your own research and see the arguments against the small thinking of small people.

Of course these people don’t seem small to you. You have a relationship with them. However, that does not mean they are right or smart. You should question everything. And you should learn, the human brain is advanced and your empathy can grow and you can learn more. Aren’t you even curious?

Be curious. Be stronger. Be more empathic. If you truly think your race is better, then be better. Meaning change things in a peaceful way not in a barbaric manner that would shock even your own ancestors. I bet you don’t even know everyone’s story in your family history or “bloodline”. Not everyone is isolating, greedy, supercilious, hating, and merciless. Learn all of their stories.

With much love and hope that you will change,


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